BeyondAutism - 

Fast Responder Service

Folkestone Academy is proud to be working with BeyondAutism, offering the BeyondAutism Fast Responder® Service for our pupils. 

BeyondAutism is a non-profit organisation, driving change in the world of autism education to ensure autistic children and young adults access an education which empowers a life full of choice, independence and opportunity.  They do this by creating positive educational experiences, training for the professional team around a child, and information, resources and support for families and carers. 

In response to the growing number of suspensions and permanent exclusions of autistic pupils, the unique BeyondAutism Fast Responder® service overcomes the challenges faced by schools in supporting pupils approaching, or at point of, crisis that can lead to suspensions and exclusions. We respond with a visit to the pupil in their school within 24 hours of accepting a referral. Our input is focused on close collaboration with the pupils, their families, and the teams around them. This includes providing training and workshops to staff teams to increase understanding of the pupil’s needs and person-centred ways to support them. If you’d like to hear more, you can email:, or click on the link to the website.