Behaviour & Reward

Behaviour For Learning

Expectations of the Academy

Around the Academy

Pupils should meet the high expectations of the Academy in their conduct around the Academy and when on the site, and also when outside the Academy when in Academy uniform. They are expected to follow all of the instructions given by adults at all times, and to move around the building in a calm and purposeful manner.

How the Academy deals with behaviour for learning

There are various sanctions which form part of the Academy’s approach to behaviour for learning. These include after-school detentions, isolation from lessons, fixed term exclusions and other sanctions set out in the Academy Behaviour Policy. Click on the links below:

Recognition & Reward

Recognition and rewards are essential to instilling a sense of pride. Pupils can gain recognition for a positive approach to learning,  contribution to their personal development and wider community involvement. We want to involve parents and carers in celebrating success, by communicating with you through the use of text messages and phone calls. Recognising success is a fundamental aspect of Academy life.

The following milestones will be celebrated:

100 Recognition-points = Bronze Level: Letter home and certificate

200 Recognition-points = Silver Level: Letter home from Head of Year and a silver certificate 

500 Recognition-points = Gold Level: Letter home from the Head of School and a gold certificate

1000 Recognition-points = Platinum Level: Letter home from the Governing Body and a platinum certificate

Pupils will be recognised for:

Termly Award Certificates

Each term pupils are presented with the following awards:

Pupils are recognised for progress, effort and improvement in behaviour