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At Folkestone Academy we care passionately about the food we offer at our school. We want to ensure that we provide healthy lunch and snack options for all our children and that every child has the option of a hot meal at lunch time.

Independent Catering

Independent Catering provide school meals for all Turner Schools. They are a small company focused on providing freshly prepared healthy meals that will help your children reach their five portions of fruit and vegetables a day. They are committed to using honest, locally produced meat that can be traced back to the farm and meets or exceeds UK animal welfare standards. Many of the vegetables used are also sourced locally which altogether helps us reduce our carbon footprint.

As a Trust we have worked very closely with Independent Catering to tailor the menus to meet our school’s individual needs and at the same time, ensuring that less sugar, fat and salt are used. The menus will change with the seasons and there will be a variety of hot, cold and vegetarian options on offer.

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At Folkestone Academy we want all our pupils to have the best start to their learning each day. From 8.15am we provide pupils with a free healthy breakfast consisting of bagels and cereals.  Pupils are also able to purchase additional items if they wish from 50p.  Pupils receiving free school meals can access an additional item to the value of 50p using their daily allowance. 

Eating a healthy breakfast before starting the school day is linked to improved concentration, better test scores, increased energy, a higher intake of vitamins and minerals, and even a healthier body weight. Breakfast is especially important for young people whose brains use up about half of the body’s energy.

Our catering team offers a variety of cereals, porridge, beans, eggs and toast as well as glasses of milk throughout the week.

Academy Meals

Menus will change with the seasons and there will be a variety of hot, cold and vegetarian options on offer. As well as the free breakfast we also offer a break time provision.


Break time  – 11.10am – 11.30am

Lunchtime 1.10pm - 1.50pm

In order to ensure that our pupils who are eligible for Free School Meals receive a healthy and nutritionally balanced meal, only a hot meal or grab and go meal can be taken within the Free School Meal allowance.

All meals are paid via My Child At School App.


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