Ethos, Values & Qualities

Folkestone Academy, part of the Turner Schools multi academy trust, is committed to improve the educational and social outcomes for the young people it serves. We have an unflinching focus on improving outcomes for the pupils we serve. We also believe our purpose is to discover and nurture the talent of our pupils and develop them to be confident, ambitious and successful in achieving their goals.

At Folkestone Academy:

We will ensure that:

  • Pupils will have a strong start in their education, so that all children, especially those children who face additional barriers, will be ready for their next stage of education.

  • We dramatically increase the number of pupils leaving school with level 3 qualifications so that more pupils go to university and many more gain apprenticeships.

  • We provide a curriculum that enables children to gain the knowledge, skills and understanding to help them be successful active citizens. It emphasises the central importance of proficient reading, writing and numeracy skills as well as a commitment to provide a rich range of subjects that pupils can study.

We aim for all the pupils of our Academy community to be:

  • Proud of their achievements and talents

  • Guided and challenged to develop a social conscience

  • Confident in setting challenging personal goals

  • Be active citizens in their school and community

  • Recognise and celebrate diversity

We aim for our partnership with our families to be:

  • Effective in supporting families as educational partners so that our children can be successful at school and at home.

  • Supportive with guidance and advice to build a shared sense of aspiration and confidence for the future.

  • Collaborative by listening to parental voices and encouraging feedback so we can work together to ensure our children have positive outcomes.

  • Transparent in communicating what the children learn and how we operate the school.

We aim for all the staff in our Academy to follow the Trust values:

  • Speak and act with care and respect for children who are our first priority.

  • Act boldly and be ambitious for yourself and the children and young people we serve.

  • Learn from adversity: be evaluative, thoughtful and reflective.

  • Challenge convention: be curious, welcome difference and unfamiliar thinking.

  • Connect with others: support colleagues, parents and pupils to make a great team.

  • Use your voice: offer different views and ask questions.

  • Do what it takes: be relentless in pursuing the best for children.

  • Ask for support: be open and honest when plans go awry.

  • Don’t give up: be calm, resilient and measured when managing challenges.