Digital Age of Learning

Entering a New Digital Age of Learning

Folkestone Academy is a school evolving to support pupils beyond the classroom. We are working with our partner - Google, to support pupils succeeding in the digital age. As we move into this new era we will provide all new Year 7 pupils with a Chromebook to guarantee access to online learning.

Chromebook for every child starting Year 7 in September 2024

To continue this new digital era of teaching and enable our pupils to be the best they can be, every Year 7 pupil who starts in September 2024 will receive a Google Chromebook so that they can access learning material at home.

By reducing our carbon footprint through less paper waste and ensuring all students have access to a first class education,  Folkestone Academy is at the forefront of learning, entering the digital age of education.

We invite you to join us on this journey.