Year Teams

Each Year group has a dedicated Raising Standards Lead, Progress Leader and team of tutors.

These dedicated teams are responsible for both the academic progress, pastoral welfare and development of each pupil. They care for our pupils from their very earliest transition experiences until they leave the Academy.

These teams play an integral part in our pupils’ success, tracking their academic progress, attendance, behaviour and personal development.

The year teams develop strong relationships with parents and carers, working together in the interest of the pupil. They are the first point of contact for parents and carers wanting to discuss any aspect of their child’s school life.

Their goal is to ensure that every pupil fulfils their potential and feels valued as a member of our school community.

Year 10

Raising Standards Leader: Miss Vik -

Year 10 Pastoral Leader: Miss Maguire -

Tutor Groups

10-1 Alex Silver

10-2 Cari Taylor

10-3 Reece Mortimer -Reece.Mortimer

10-4 Reece Hougham

10-5 Marine Cherel

10-6 Terry Sharp

10-7 Coleen Woodsford

Year 11

Raising Standards Leader: Miss Vik -

Year 11 Pastoral Leader: Mrs Broad -

Tutor Groups

11-1 Robert Field

11-2 Sophie Thompson

11-3 Amy Coles -Amy.Coles

11-4 Steve Blunt

11-5 Tamsyn Middlemiss

11-6 Pete Gambrell

11-7 Stuart Powell