Our Library

Welcome to Folkestone Academy Library

Pupils have access to the Academy library where they are able to borrow a book to read at home and during tutor reading time. It will be the responsibility of the pupil to look after the book they have borrowed and return it back to the library on the date stamped in the front of the book. We do not fine the students if they are late returning the book, however if the book becomes damaged or lost you could be asked to pay the replacement cost.

Book labelling

All the fiction books in the library are labelled on the front to show Reading Level and an Interest Level. There are three levels of interest: Lower Years, Middle Years and Upper Years.

Books labelled Lower or Middle can be read by any student.

Books labelled Upper are not necessarily suitable for pupils in Years 7 & 8. These books may have reference to the following adult themes: Alcohol, Anti-Social Behaviour, Drugs, Sex and Offensive Language.

Pupils in Year 7 or 8 may borrow Upper Year books but they must have written permission from their parent or guardian.