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Welcome from Mr Shaw, Principal

Folkestone Academy is committed to providing all of our pupils with the very best education. 

The Academy is part of Turner Schools, a local Multi Academy Trust, whose aim is to transform children’s futures, empower families and strengthen communities. We believe all children can succeed and thrive. 

At Folkestone Academy we foster an environment where pupils value their education, grow in confidence and ambition, and are inspired to develop their talents and passions. We teach traditional academic subjects alongside the creative arts, sports and a vibrant extra-curricular offer including drama, debating, football, dance, board games, music technology and more. We want our pupils to discover their talents with our support and be the best they can be.

Folkestone Academy is a school evolving to support pupils beyond the classroom. During the two lockdowns we introduced our digital platform to ensure all pupils had access to home learning and did not miss a day of school. We are working with our partner – Google, to support pupils in succeeding in the digital age. As we move into this new era we will provide all new Year 7 pupils with a Chromebook to guarantee access to online learning.

We are an inclusive school which strives to ensure that all pupils, whatever barriers they may face, to succeed. We provide extensive support for our pupils, especially those new to the school. We have a wide range of specialist staff to support pupils who need additional help as well as dedicated non-teaching staff to help manage the day to day worries and concerns of parents and children.

We look forward to working with you in the coming weeks, months and years to realise your child’s ambitions for the future. Our leaders care passionately about ensuring the young people of Folkestone and the surrounding areas benefit from an excellent education, one that enables them to make the best possible choices for their future path, be it university, high quality apprenticeships or other areas of work.

We look forward to meeting our future pupils and their families/carers.

To contact the Academy please email: fasecondaryadmin@turnerschools.com

Entering a New Digital Age of Learning

A Google Chromebook is given to every child starting Year 7 in September 2024.

To continue this new digital era of teaching and enable our pupils to be the best they can be, every Year 7 pupil who starts in September 2023 will receive a Google Chromebook so that they can access online learning material in the classroom and at home.

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Missing / Damaged Uniform?

For students only: If you need some support, please use the worry button. This message will be sent to the safeguarding team.