Our broad and balanced curriculum allows pupils to pursue a wide-range of academic and vocational subjects at Level 3. We create bespoke pathways for pupils to ensure that they study the most appropriate suite of qualifications to prepare them for the next steps in their lives.

The curriculum in all subjects is coherent and well sequenced so that pupils can gradually build their knowledge and skills to ensure that they are successful. Our focus on structured independent study and developing pupils' curiosity and critical thinking, is at the heart of supporting our pupils to be lifelong learners.

Our pupils are provided with a personal development programme that enriches them as individuals. Our offer includes work experience, leadership roles, sports academies and an exciting internship programme which is designed to equip pupils with knowledge, skills and work experience to prepare them for life after secondary education.

As a learning community we work hard together to ensure our pupils leave as successful, ambitious and confident adults.

Our student body is characterised by its energy, independence, intelligence and camaraderie, please come in and meet with the team and our pupils to find out more.

To book an appointment please call 01303 842400, Option 4 or email: