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Folkestone Academy Primary Celebration – FPA Newsflash

Primary Celebration – FPA Newsflash

News : 03 October 2019



Written by journalist Daniel Yates.

Between Friday night and Monday morning, something eerie happened on the terrace! The outline of a person was discovered on the wall; there was also a witch’s hat and broomstick attached to some mysterious dust! No one knows why but a bench had mysteriously turned upside down! This weird noise was heard when Miss Rees came out saying “What a scene of devastation!”! I think that a witch was riding on her broomstick when she suddenly crashed. Miss Rolfe said “I hope it wasn’t a witch; this isn’t Hogwarts.” I think she is right because witches do not exist. I can guarantee that no witches are in the school. Who knows why these events happened? Even I cannot find out why it happened.

I think the story was that the witch was on her broomstick when she suddenly crashed into the bench with tremendous force causing her to crash into the wall. Then, she conjured a fireplace to use flu-powder so she could miraculously escape before teachers appeared. She accidentally left evidence {the hat, broomstick, the bench, and the strange dust} after escaping. Then Miss Rees came rushing out and told her colleges about what she saw! The teachers are suspicious about the events that occurred.  No one knows who the culprit is at all

I have quotes from teachers to give more information.

Mrs Grimmet said she heard a tremendous bang and she thought Miss Rolfe had fallen over again!  She also ensured us that she and Miss Feaver are on the case!

Mr Yates said “I can’t believe a witch landed on our school site!”

Well those were reassuring comments, right? I agree with them because those were great comments and they are right. Year 5 Kingfishers are the class nearest to the terrace, so it was pretty strange when their back door was taped off.  How unusual it was for them when they saw that tape; it was very mysterious indeed!

This was the scene of the events!

You can do this Mrs Grimmet and Miss Feaver .

Anyone with further information, please contact Daniel Yates.