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Folkestone Academy Faculty Contacts

Faculty Contacts


Miss Darby Alcorn Teacher of Maths [email protected]
Mr Peter Anderson Teacher of Mathematics [email protected]
Mr Lea Baynes Teacher of History [email protected]
Ms Lydia Benson Teacher of English [email protected]
Mrs Christelle Berry Second in Charge of Modern Foreign Languages [email protected]
Mr Steven Blunt Subject Leader (Business Studies) [email protected]
Ms Rachel Brown Teacher of English [email protected]
Ms Reyah Burnett Teacher of Science [email protected]
Mr Thomas Burns Head of Year & Teacher of Science [email protected]
Mr Jeff Butt Teacher of English [email protected]
Mr Kieran Cahill Subject Leader (Sport) [email protected]
Miss Joana Castro Science Apprentice Teacher [email protected]
Ms Melissa Charbonneau Second in Charge of Science [email protected]
Mr Matthew Cloake Cover Teacher [email protected]
Miss Iris Cojez Teacher of French (Unqualified) [email protected]
Mrs Louisa Coppins Vice Principal [email protected]
Mr Peter Courtness Teacher of Science [email protected]
Mr Vincent Crofts Teacher of Law [email protected]
Mrs Patricia Cullen Subject Leader (Dance) [email protected]
Mr Sean Curtin Teacher of Business Studies [email protected]
Mr Charles Dart Associate Director of Geography [email protected]
Mr Adham Devenny Teacher of English [email protected]
Miss Chloe Diwell Acting Subject Leader (Art) [email protected]
Mrs Cecile Dookhun Teacher of French [email protected]
Mrs Louisa Eede Director of BTEC [email protected]
Mr Robert Field Lead Teacher of Music Technology [email protected]
Mr Julian Fisher Teacher of Science [email protected]
Mr Christopher Fountain Raising Standards Leader [email protected]
Mrs Michelle Foxwood Director of Creative Arts [email protected]
Miss Cherry Franklin Teacher of Science [email protected]
Mr Peter Gambrell Teacher of PE [email protected]
Mr George Gasson Teacher of Music [email protected]
Mr Ronneigh Giddings Teacher of Mathematics [email protected]
Mr David Graham Teacher of Mathematics [email protected]
Mrs Jemma Harris Teacher of Sport [email protected]
Miss Emma Harrison Subject Leader (Health & Social Care and Child Development) [email protected]
Mrs Lydia Harvey (Picarelli) KS3 Lead in Mathematics [email protected]
Miss Molly Jones Teacher of Art [email protected]
Miss Sophie Kennedy Teacher of History [email protected]
Miss Jenna Lindsay Lead Practitioner (Mathematics) [email protected]
Mr Anthony Lloyd Associate Director of History [email protected]
Mr Robert Lock Teacher of Mathematics [email protected]
Mr Jonathan Locker Key Stage 3 Knowledge Lead in ICT & Computing [email protected]
Miss Joanna Loveridge Director of English [email protected]
Ms Katherine Macdonald Second in Charge of English [email protected]
Mr Mitesh Mistry Trainee Teacher of Geography [email protected]
Mrs Alison Monkley Director of SEND [email protected]
Mrs Faye Morgan Teacher of Health & Social Care, Child Development & PSHE [email protected]
Miss Ava Morris Teacher of English [email protected]
Mr Cade Mortimer Teacher of Geography [email protected]
Mr Reece Mortimer KS3 Knowledge Lead in English [email protected]
Mr Desmond Mushayabasa Teacher of Business and Computing [email protected]
Mrs Katie Norris Teacher of PE and PSHE Lead [email protected]
Mr Michael O’Brien Teacher of Mathematics michael.o’[email protected]
Miss Jennifer Patchai Raising Standards Leader [email protected]
Miss Alexandra Peacock Teacher of Geography [email protected]
Miss Amy Pointer Trainee Teacher of English [email protected]
Miss Stephanie Raycroft Teacher of English/Professional Mentor [email protected]
Miss Rhosanna Rigden Teacher of English [email protected]
Mrs Fiona Rolph Teacher [email protected]
Mr Jason Samuels Teacher of Science [email protected]
Mr Andrew Saywell Teacher of Science [email protected]
Mr Terry Sharp Teacher of History [email protected]
Mr Steven Shaw Head of School [email protected]
Ms Nicole Shores Subject Leader (Psychology & Sociology ) [email protected]
Mr Alexander Silver Subject Leader (ICT & Computing) [email protected]
Ms Janet Snowman Key Stage 3 Knowledge Lead in Art [email protected]
Mr James Speed Raising Standards Leader [email protected]
Ms Laura Stoll Director of Mathematics [email protected]
Miss Anna Thomsen Teacher of Mathematics [email protected]
Mrs Katy Tibbles Head of School Support [email protected]
Mrs Hannah Turner Director of Sixth Form [email protected]
Mr Ricky Underdown Trainee Teacher of Sport [email protected]
Mr Harry Urquhart Teacher of History (NQY) [email protected]
Ms Karen Vanderhoeven Subject Leader (Drama) [email protected]
Mr Derek Vincent Teacher of Science [email protected]
Mrs Cerys Walker Director of Science [email protected]
Mr Ben Williams Vice Principal [email protected]
Mr Daryl Williams Lead Practitioner (English) [email protected]
Mrs Coleen Woodsford Subject Leader (Food Technology) [email protected]
Mr Keith Woodward Instructor of Rugby [email protected]



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