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Folkestone Academy Behaviour & Reward

Behaviour & Reward

Behaviour For Learning

Expectations of the Academy

In the classroom:

Students follow ‘SLANT’ in the classroom

Teachers will ensure that learning will be positive and engaging and free from disruption.

Students will come to lessons on time, ready to learn and will follow the instructions of the teacher at all times.

Students’ behaviour will be managed by the teacher following the steps below:
• Students will receive a caution from the teacher and their name will be placed on the board.
• If students poor behaviour persists they will be removed from the lesson to spend one full day of lessons in the isolation room.
• Persistent defiance (refusal to follow instructions from any adult) will lead to a fixed term exclusion, a reintegration meeting with parents and one day in isolation upon return from the exclusion.


Around the Academy:
Students should meet the high expectations of the Academy in their conduct around the Academy and when on the site, and also when outside the Academy when in Academy uniform. They are expected to follow all of the instructions given by adults at all times, and to move around the building in a calm and purposeful manner.


How the Academy deals with behaviour for learning:
There are various sanctions which form part of the Academy’s approach to behaviour for learning. These include after-school detentions, isolation from lessons, fixed term exclusions and other sanctions set out in the Academy Behaviour Policy. Click on download link below:


Recognition will be rewarded through certificates, letters home and nominal prizes each term.
The following milestones will be celebrated:

• 100 Recognition-points
Bronze Level: Letter home and certificate
• 200 Recognition-points
Silver Level: Letter home from Head of Year and a silver certificate
• 500 Recognition-points
Gold Level: Letter home from the Head of School and a gold certificate
• 1000 Recognition-points
Platinum Level: Letter home from the Governing Body and a platinum certificate

You will be recognised for:
• Making progress in learning
• Achieving 100% attendance
• Having an excellent attitude to learning
• For excelling in a particular subject/s
• Acts of kindness

Termly Award Certificates

Each term students are presented with the following awards:

Head of Year Award
Progress Leader Award
Tutor Award
Subject Awards
Attendance Awards

Students are recognised for progress, effort and improvement in behaviour.