School Consultation

Consultation on the proposal to change the name of Folkestone Academy to Turner Academy

Turner Schools is undertaking a consultation to seek the views of the stakeholders of Folkestone Academy with regards to changing the name to Turner Academy.

By stakeholders, Turner Schools is referring to the parents, pupils and staff.

Subject to the feedback from the consultation, and pending approval from the Department of Education, we would anticipate a formal change to take effect from September 2023.


Folkestone Academy has been part of Turner Schools for over four years. Over the last two years it has become the central point of the trust’s work in Folkestone, housing the trust central leadership team and the base for many of the cross trust leads that work across the schools. The reputation of Folkestone Academy in the community is improving but there is a legacy of negative community feedback that still persists. A name change will represent clear blue water between the historical legacy of Folkestone Academy and where the school sits now.


With the introduction of the Turner Schools Sixth Form, known as Turner 6, across both Turner Free School and Folkestone Academy in September 2023, and a successful Ofsted rating of good for Folkestone Academy in April 2022, it seems an opportune time to change the name of Folkestone Academy to the Turner Academy. The trust treats Turner Free School, Folkestone Academy and the upcoming Turner 6 as one large secondary provision in terms of staffing, additional resources for disadvantaged pupils and catch up recovery funding. Furthermore there is now a joint leadership structure in place to support both schools. Therefore the name change fits in with our branding of the Folkestone secondary hub under the banner of Turner.

The proposal:

Turner Schools proposes to change the name of Folkestone Academy to the Turner Academy which will include a review of the school logo. This will mean that all of Turner Schools have reviewed their branding and uniform since joining the trust.

What will not change?

With the proposal to change the name it is important to state that some things will not change, from a pupil’s or parent’s perspective:

  • The location of Turner Academy will remain in the same building located in Academy Lane.

  • The senior leadership team remains the same. Mr Shaw will remain Head of School.

  • All school policy content will remain the same, including safeguarding, behaviour, admissions and attendance.

  • All teaching will continue to follow the robust curriculum that has been developed by the Trust.

  • The uniform will not change.

  • Staff will continue to be employed by Turner Schools as they are now.

  • The school will continue, as part of the Turner Schools Multi-Academy Trust, to benefit from its ambitious educational ethos and from cost effective central services.

The things that will change are:

  • The name of Folkestone Academy will change to Turner Academy.


We wish to invite interested parties to take part in this consultation on the proposal. The consultation will take place for a minimum of 4 weeks between 1st November and 30th November 2022.

We will consult with the parents/carers as well as pupils and staff of Folkestone Academy .

Your views on any aspect of the proposal will be sent to the Turner Schools Board of Trustees. All responses received by the end of the consultation period will be carefully considered and will form part of a Business case submitted to the Department for Education for final decision.

We invite you, therefore, to take part in this consultation. Comments may be submitted in the following ways:

By email to:

By completing an online response form at:

In writing via post: Emma Belsey, Trust Marketing and Communications Manager, Folkestone Academy, Academy Lane, Folkestone CT19 5FP