SIMS Learning Gateway

Communication is the key to ensuring the Folkestone Academy learning community is working together to enable its students to reach their academic potential.  So, to supplement the usual channels of communication with parents and carers, The Folkestone Academy has invested in the SIMS Learning Gateway (SLG).  This secure website based communication portal allows parents and carers the opportunity to view information regarding their children at the Academy. The SLG provides parents and carers with access to attendance information and extensive assessment data, as well as a student’s timetable. The SLG has the following benefits to parents and carers:

• Instant access to personal information about their children’s progress.  The ability to log on to this portal will be particularly important from September, 2015 as parents/carers who have access will be able to view extensive additional assessment data that will only be available online.

• Compatibility with tablets and smartphones so even the busiest parents can access information on the move

• Access to historical information, such as attendance data and assessment reports

All parents have the opportunity to sign up to access the website.  To have access you will need both a username and password.  To receive these you are asked to email the Academy a contact telephone number at the address detailed below.  A member of the Academy staff will duly contact you and, after receiving the correct answer to a series of security questions, provide you with a username for the gateway. A password will be emailed to you shortly afterwards along with a brief user’s guide to the site.

Please email your telephone contact details to: