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Performing Arts

Performing Arts

Expectations from the Specialism:

  • Ensure that learning in the arts is marked by creative rigour and discipline.
  • Place high status on vocational courses in the arts. Arts Colleges will want to look at how vocational courses could engage a wider range of students.
  • Develop the artistic skills and understanding of teachers and make imaginative use of new technologies as a means of raising the quality of teaching and learning in the arts.
  • Explore the potential for artistic activities to enhance learning across all curricular areas and promote high levels of participation in extra-curricular arts activities in the arts.
  • Work with other schools and the wider community in sharing facilities and human and other resources with a view to developing learning opportunities in the arts, including through partnership with local, national and international creative industries and arts institutions.
  • Involve professionals from the creative industries in school and community activities.


The Performing Arts faculty has a very clear and united vision for its students and staff, we are committed to this vision and will always endeavour to meet the high expectations that it consists of.

All students within the Academy will study dance, drama and music in Key Stage 3 - this is where we commit to include every student and tap into their creative side. We strongly believe that all students can benefit from our subjects in some way, therefore we provide a wide variety of contexts, styles, themes and situations for students to study.

We aim to enable students to become well rounded individuals with an understanding of ‘life skills’ which will benefit them as they move through the Academy and beyond.

In Key Stage 4 and 5 students can choose performing arts subjects to study further. Our creative and inspirational Staff provides numerous opportunities for students to learn outside of the classroom and in vocational situations. We aim to provide students with a platform into the performing arts industry with the training they need to succeed.

We aim to enable our Key Stage 5 students to access high quality degree courses and further training when they have completed their studies with us. We endeavour to ensure that they will be fully prepared for higher education or work.