“Choose with courage, live with joy, succeed with ambition.” 

These values are what make the Folkestone Academy a very special place to learn. Part of our core purpose is certainly the achievement of academic qualifications but equally it is about developing young people who have the skills and compassion to thrive in a diverse and unpredictable world.

We were founded on the principle that whatever the aspiration, however unlikely it might seem, we would work tirelessly with that young person to bring it closer to reality. It is that ambition for our students which has led to, amongst other things, more than 300 students going on to university, almost every one the first generation of their family to do so.

We are extremely proud of our students – of the brave choices they make; of their wonderful sense of humour; and of their successes, academic and otherwise.

fa values web graphic - oct 16

Our values support our daily work in lessons, in Houses, in Societies, in charity and community work to embed a thoughtful and rich understanding of the world around us. Our values provide opportunities for us all to learn about the views of others, to acknowledge that opinions differ and to offer our own in a safe and welcoming environment. Our values equip students with the skills and knowledge to be able to work and live with others beyond the years spent at school and to be courageous, happy and successful world citizens.