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Folkestone Academy Celebrates Encouraging Uptick in Students Securing Top Grades


Students at Folkestone Academy are celebrating an increase of 75% in the number of top grades achieved, with two pupils even receiving the new 9, equivalent of A** a grade awarded only to the country’s very best students.

Last year saw the introduction of the new exams in English and Maths, but students this summer sat the new tests across virtually all subjects. Students and teachers also had to get to grips with a new grading system, with 9 – 1 replacing the old A* - G. Under the new system a Grade 7 equates to an A and a 4 reads across to a C.

The new system also introduces a brand new top grade 9. This new grade was designed to reward the very brightest and best students across the country. At Folkestone Academy, the following students stood out:

Maria Faure: 9 – French, 8 – Science, 7 – Mathematics

Rasmina Juskeviciute: 9- Art, 7- English Literature, Mathematics and Distinction* in Dance

Grace Page: 8- English Literature, Mathematics, History, 7- English Language, Science and Distinction*- Business and Music

Ana Marques Pereira: 8 – Mathematics, Science, History, 7 – English Literature and Distinction* in Business and Childcare

Bobbi Belsey: 8- Mathematics, 7- Science, Geography and Distinction* in Business and Childcare

Sarah Mikova: 8- English Language, 7 – Science, and Distinction* in Business and Health and Social Care,

Wesley Carroll, Head of School (Secondary) said:

“I would like to congratulate the students on their GCSE results this year and thank all of the staff who have contributed to these outcomes over the five years of secondary school. The students receiving their results today have done so against a back drop of great change in the educational landscape with the introduction of new, harder, GCSEs across all subjects and, in most cases, grades determined by final examination. A significant number of our students have also had the added upheaval of being forced to change school in Year 10, due to the closure of Pent Valley.”