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Lumley House Overview

Both the students and staff of Lumley House view the House as a joint and safe environment, and we take collective responsibility for everyone and everything in it. We take pride in all of our achievements and strive to be the best that we can. In the House we celebrate House events with photo displays of Sports Days and House Days where we work together as a team. As a House we believe that any hurdle can be overcome with support and direction, and students are encouraged to discuss issues and worries to ensure that they are able to focus on their learning and enjoying their time at school.

We are very fortunate and proud to have Joanna Lumley OBE as our patron. Joanna takes a vested interest in the students in Lumley house and often writes to us to see how we are getting on. On the 18th June 2009 the House was officially opened by Joanna, a very exciting day for both staff and students which finished with Joanna being presented with her very own House T-shirt. Every term the students send a newsletter to Joanna giving her updates on their achievements. The students voted The Born Free Foundation to be the House charity and name our mascot Lumley Lion (who can be seen at every sports day rallying the crowd) following Joanna's TV documentary on Cats. In May 2010 the students recieved a surprise gift of the official Born Free lion from Joanna herself to put in the House. Every year students sign and send a Christmas card which we have been told is placed on her mantle next to thse from Royalty!!  Our House motto is;

'What will survive of us is love'

This  line is taken from an Aurndels Tomb and was selected by Joanna in one of her many letters to the House. We are honoured to have a patron who takes such an interest in the students.