This Policy sets out the standards of behaviour we wish to achieve and the processes through which we aim to achieve them. In particular, it describes how the Academy intends to ensure that rewards and sanctions are used appropriately and very consistently throughout the Academy.

However, the Academy aims that its students will develop, not only high standards of behaviour, but also, high standards of personal development; we want our students to be self-disciplined young people who are confident and at their ease in a variety of situations. We also want them to develop a vision of what they can achieve in the future that will motivate them whilst at the Academy and in later adult life.

In order to bring this about, the Academy strives to provide an engaging and challenging curriculum that students feel is relevant to their aspirations and abilities. The Academy’s policy on Curriculum is available as a separate document. This policy outlines the strategies that the Academy intends to use to achieve high standards of behaviour and student development. It describes how the daily routines of the school day are used to support student development, in particular, through the House structure and in the holistic Guidance and Care of the students.

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