Understanding Reports

The following information is designed to help parents/carers to understand the data presented in this table. (This sentence refers to the table on page 2 of the report sent home)

Percentage Attendance: The percentage (%) of time the Student has been present at school without absence.

Unauthorised Absence: A Student’s absence that has not been permitted by the Academy. (Please refer to our attendance policy for further guidance).

Assessed Grade: The grade that has been achieved by the Student in their most recent standardised assessment (a test taken by all students within that subject area).

Class Grade: For this grade the teacher takes into consideration the standardised assessment grade and the work that the student has completed in class.

Grades explained:

Students are levelled on a 12 point scale. W3, W2, W1 are awarded to students working towards the  GCSE grades. 1 to 9 are the new GCSE levels.



W3, W2, W1

Below the new GCSE level 1. W3 being the lowest and W1 being the highest.

1 to 9

New GCSE levels, 1 being the lowest and 9 being the highest.


Student completed the assessment but failed to attain a level.


Student did not take the assessment

P, M, D, D*

Pass, Merit, distinction, distinction * (Level of a BTEC/NCFE qualification, Pass being the lowest)

C, B, A, A*

Grades awarded to the CiDA ICT qualification