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What Do We Learn?

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SHINE sprang back into action for its second year in September 2017 and since then, children on the project have participated in lessons designed to develop essential skills in English, Maths and a range of other enrichment subjects. 

Each term the CURRICULUM at SHINE has a core theme. The topics covered so far this year are listed below:

Term 1 & 2 – Once upon a SHINE

Are you sitting comfortably? Well then we’ll begin! Story lovers, eat your heart out! This term students will explore the world of storytelling as they write, read and perform their original works of fiction. Grab your pen and parchment and join us at SHINE to begin the story of a year that won’t be forgotten!

Term 3 – Shiny Science

Term two’s curriculum theme has centred on explorations in science. Activities have been designed to allow all learners to work practically within the subject, conducting experiments and working with data.

The culmination of the term was celebrated with our first trip of the SHINE year to The London Science Museum. Learners convened at Folkestone Academy to travel to London by coach, experienced a coach tour of some of the major attractions and were delivered safely to Exhibition Row.

Learners walked around the exhibits in groups and explored: science through the ages, space, medicine, computing and evolution.

Term 4 – Grow it, Cook it, Eat it!

Roll up your sleeves and prepare to tend the land! Term 4 offers SHINE pupils the opportunity to explore the timeline of the foods we eat daily from field to fork. We’ll look at the importance of healthy eating and take a hands-on approach to preparing some scrumptious delights which promise to tickle your taste buds! The icing on the cake, if you’ll pardon the pun, is our second trip of the year! SHINE pupils will be treated to a private screening event to celebrate the term’s learning.

Term 5 – Once Again, Around the World with SHINE!

Have you ever wanted to learn about the wonders of our world? The hidden gems that are strewn across our fair planet, just waiting to be discovered! Grab your passport and journey with us to ancient Egypt, the Peruvian Inca trail; marvel at the Great Wall of China and indulge in the delights of South America! This term will give you the chance to experience foods and cultural explorations from six different countries and promises to be a firm favourite for the not-so-weary traveller. 

Term 6 – Explorations in Fantasy – The Magical World & Potions

Whether you’re a budding witch or warlock or someone who prefers to keep the supernatural at arm’s length, there is something within term six that will delight and amaze you. SHINE students will uncover the history of magic throughout the ages, develop their writing craft within the fantasy genre and explore the wizarding world of Harry Potter. Students meeting the attendance criteria will be whisked away by broomstick to the Warner Brothers Studio Tour to learn about the making of the world’s most lucrative film franchise.

What could be more magical than to close the SHINE year with the second annual ‘SHINE Fest’? Grab your entry pass and wristband in the weeks leading up to the festival – let’s take this to the field!