Folkestone Academy (“the Academy Trust”) is a charity regulated by the Department for Education, a company registered in England and Wales and limited by guarantee as Company Number 05115594.  Registered Office: Academy Lane, Folkestone, Kent, CT19 5FP.  The Academy Trust’s governance procedures are set down in its Memorandum and Articles of Association laid down by the Department as part of the Funding Agreement.

The Academy Trust is constituted as a charitable trust company and must comply with both company and charity law. From a financial perspective this brings certain legal requirements, such as an obligation to apply the Academy’s income only for its charitable purposes, the need to maintain proper accounting records and the requirement to publish an annual report and accounts.  The financial requirements that apply to Academies are described in more detail in the Academies Financial Handbook

The Academy Trust has two layers of governance: members who oversee the Academy Trust and directors who are responsible for the overall strategic direction and control of the Academy Trust.   The directors are the same body of people as both the trustees of the charity and the governors; these words are used interchangeably.  The Academy Trust has three members and nine directors.  To ensure transparency of communication between members and the directors,   Professor Carl Lygo is both a member and director.

Important Information on the Academy Trust’s members and directors including date of appointment, business and pecuniary interests please click here

Governance Documents

For further information or to contact the chair of board of directors, Professor Carl Lygo,  please email the Clerk to the Governors clerktogovernors@folkestoneacademy or call 01303 842400

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