Shine - Terms 1-4

Term 1 and 2 Superheroes

Shine on Saturday kicked off with a bang as 150 heroes drawn from all corners of the Folkestone Academy began the programme.

Students took on a range of challenges during Term 1 to gain their hero status and to win a trip to a private screening of the box office smash, Fantastic Beasts.


Term 3 Around the World with Shine

All aboard! Following our Christmas break, students were encouraged to pack a bag, their Shine passports, and their thinking caps as they journeyed together around the world.

Each week the students visited 3 interesting countries and gained essential knowledge to add to their passports.


Term 4 The Four Corners of the World

In Term 4 children will have the opportunity to explore the four corners of the world. Exciting activities focussing on some of our world's most fascinating environments will inspire and thrill all those with a thirst for adventure.

Term 4 Week 1 - Hold your breath! We're journeying down below the waves of the ocean, further down than we've ever been before...

In the still black waters of the deep lurk some most intriguing creatures. Journey with us in week 1 to find out more.