Pupil Premium Report 2015/16

Having reviewed the Folkestone Academy Pupil Premium spend for 2015/2016; examined the Pupil Premium spend of a number of Academies; read research and best practice reports, Folkestone Academy’s strategy for ‘closing the gap’ between Disadvantaged and Non-Disadvantaged Students’ progress and achievement has been to address:

1.Student personal needs by:

Ensuring our Disadvantaged Students are ready to engage in learning by providing:

a.       Breakfasts

b.      Academy uniform

c.       Counselling

d.      Classroom equipment

2.Student study needs by:

Ensuring equal access to extra-curricular activities by providing:

a.       Contributory payment for school educational visits

b.      Support in purchasing revision guides to facilitate learning at home

3.Student academic progress needs by:

i.      Ensuring intervention is provided where specific academic weaknesses are identified by providing one-to-one and small group support with:

a.  Learning Mentors in KS4

b.  Learning Coaches in KS3 supporting Literacy and Numeracy

ii.   Ensuring intervention is provided where barriers to learning are identified resulting from behavioural issues through providing:

a.   Alternative curriculum provision where deemed appropriate

b.   One-to-one behavioural support

iii.   Ensuring at least ‘Good’ quality first wave teaching and formative feedback through providing one-to-one support for teachers to improve their classroom practice by having access to a number of pathways so that practice can improve.

Pupil premium impact