Subject Curriculum

Children come to our school to experience being a successful learner. Each and every one has an entitlement to:

At no less than age-appropriate levels, and to be inspired and challenged to secure high standards.

The core philosophy which underpins our curriculum provision is that in order to empower children as learners they must be taught about how they learn; they must understand and apply skills and strategies which bring about optimum learning. We recognise it as our duty to keep abreast of current educational research, as well as national and local initiatives, in order to keep our practice relevant and at its best. Our school focus for continuing improvement will be documented in our School Plan.

In addition to the core elements above we recognize the importance of offering a broad and balanced curriculum with opportunities for children to develop creative and sporting skills, as well as knowledge and understanding in French, RE, PSHE, History and Geography.

Collective Worship

Collective worship in schools should aim to provide the opportunity for pupils to worship God, to consider spiritual and moral issues and to explore their own beliefs; to encourage participation and response, whether through active involvement in the presentation of worship or through listening to and joining in the worship offered; and to develop community spirit, promote a common ethos and shared values, and reinforce positive attitudes. 
An Act of Collective Worship will take place every day. The time at which this takes place and the form of the Collective Worship (whole school, team or class groupings) may vary from day to day.
Collective worship may include:

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