PE and Sport Premium

The EFA PE grant for this year, 2017/18 was £19590

PE and Sport premium funding for academic year 2017-2018

The EFA PE grant this year is £19,590

 Due to the success and impact from previous year as measured by the enjoyment and increased participation in different sporting activities, a proportion of this money was once again invested in the Shepway Sports Trust package - This has provided a range of new and exciting sports to be introduced to the children including: Tri-Golf, Sailing and the attendance at an Urban Sports Festival for a specific year group. As part of the package, each year group from Year R-6 has received 2 activities which have/will be delivered by coaches from the Shepway Sports Trust. These new and exciting opportunities have also enabled specialist coaches to advertise/promote further after-school/weekend sports clubs to our children which has resulted in 252 of our children attending after school and weekend sports clubs.

In addition, staff observing coaching specific to these sports has improved profession practice and has given longevity to sports/activities such as Football and Athletics in our school.

 The Shepway Sports Package has also included both curriculum support and delivery of PE lesson for different year groups. Time has also been allocated to support NQTs and also CPD opportunities (including Gymnastics and team teaching) for all staff. As a result, there has been an increase in the subject knowledge amongst staff and the competence to deliver a wider variety of sports and activities.

We have invested a lot of the money into other CPD opportunities for both staff and the delivery of high quality teaching for the children.  This has enabled new sports and activities to be introduced to the children, including after school sports clubs, in and out of school. For example, we now offer Gymnastics, Trampolinig, Football, Basketball and Running as regular after school clubs.

6 weeks Dance blocks have been provided by a qualified Dance teacher for all year groups which has been spread throughout the year. This has provided valuable CPD for teachers and enabled a clear progression of skills from Year 1 to year 6. Feedback from staff evaluations includes that: “The Dance teacher was very dynamic in leading the children, maintaining their attention, giving very positive praise and encouraging full participation from all.  The children clearly enjoyed the sessions.”

 Year 5 and 6 have received Basketball Coaching for 6 week termly blocks as well as the introduction of a new afterschool Basketball club which has been offered to our Year 4,5, and 6 children.  Feedback from staff includes: “A range of excellent ideas to use to teach basketball, including drills and development of skills.  Having many different stations at once worked really well and rotating teams every few minutes during games will be something will use in the future.”

Football is a popular sport, as identified by Pupil Voice, Consequently M and M football coaches are running 6 weeks blocks with different year groups as well as an after school football club. 24 children attend this club. In addition, 84 of our children are members of football clubs outside of school time. This also includes 15 girls.

We have also invested money to provide high quality Gymnastics coaching, initiating a relationship with Canterbury Gymnastics club who have set up a new after school Gymnastics and Trampolining club for Years 4,5 and 6 children. This has also enabled Year 4,5 and 6 to receive 6 week teaching blocks as part of curriculum based PE lessons.

Other after School clubs proposed for the later on in the year includes a new Running club as well as Hockey and Tennis. Such is the interest in running, the lead member of staff now offers a Running club for staff as well as children.

The funding will also be used to provide additional swimming provision, targeting Year 6 children who do not meet the expected swimming requirements for the national curriculum that includes all pupils being able to swim 25metres. Currently 33 pupils have achieved that standard.

Effects of Premium on PE, Sport, Participation and Attainment:

The Sports Premium money has already had a positive effect on the diverse range of sports lessons, clubs and extra-curricular activities that we now offer our children. During the last 6 months, a variety of specialist coaches have worked with our children, offering Dance, Gymnastics, team and individual P.E based lessons as part of our curriculum. This has fully enabled our children a more enriched and enhanced experience of PE lessons. The curriculum enhancement has also led to a wider variety of after school sports club being offered to our children. These clubs have provided further opportunities for our children, including those with pupil premium, to attend competitions and compete against other Primary Schools. These have included a Tri-Golf, Hockey and Football tournaments as well as a Swimming Gala and Athletics and Gymnastics competitions.

In addition to this, our teachers have benefited from the opportunities to work alongside specialist coaches. This has provided invaluable CPD which has proved successful in delivering high quality and effective PE lessons to our children. The Shepway Sports Package has provided additional support in the form of team teaching, planning and delivery of a range of PE lessons with different year groups.


The investment in the Specialist Coaches working alongside the Teachers will help to sustain the high quality teaching and delivery of PE lessons for our children. This CPD opportunity has supported the progression of skills throughout the school as well as creating a long term curriculum map. This will continue to increase subject knowledge across all areas of P.E and Sport and enable our teachers to confidently lead Gymnastics, Dance and Sports lessons.  Through our partnership the Shepway Sports Trust, the school has also secured a wider breadth of sports activities that we can offer our children both in school and as part of afterschool and weekend clubs. This will enable us to continue to raise the profile of competitive sport at our school as we look forward to competing in a wider range of Sports against other schools.


Swimming Data for Year 6


How many pupils within your Year 6 cohort can swim competently, confidently and proficiently over a distance of at least 25 metres?







How many pupils within your Year 6 cohort can use a range of strokes effectively?








How many pupils within your Year 6 cohort can perform safe self-rescue in different water-based situations.








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