Nourish Sugarwise Statement



There has been much information in the news lately about the rise of sugar in our diets.  Globally an estimated 422million adults were living with diabetes in 2014 compared to 108million in 1980.  An estimated 4.6million of which are in the UK.

If the trend of high sugar consumption is to continue, it will lead to more diabetes, more obesity, more tooth decay and other related illnesses. 

We are constantly being told we must reduce our sugar intake and, more importantly, reduce our children’s sugar intake for the sake of their future health.

At Nourish, we are working towards this, in conjunction with Sugarwise, an accreditation to recognise brands and products whose sugar content has been significantly reduced.

We have reduced the sugar content in our Mr Nourish Biscuits by 25% and on our new Sugarwise Tuesdays, have produced a sugar free dessert option, as well as the Fruit Pots and Yoghurts.  That’s just one dessert option a week.  On the current menu cycle, we have the Cheesy Biscuit and a Strawberry & Banana Muffin. 

A sugar free dessert will taste very different to a child who is used to the sugar in many other desserts.  In order to reduce sugar in our diets, we will need to change our tastes.

Nourish would appreciate the school’s support in this matter and is open to any feedback on the topic.


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